In language combination English – Czech I offer these services:

Translation – includes translation, final revision (spell check and grammar revision) a quality assurance (QA) where applicable – comparison of currently translated document among each other or with older versions in order to maintain their consistency and eventual adherence to client’s special instructions (terminology consistency, adherence to glossary, (non)translation of product names etc.).

Localization – includes software translation (regardless of device – PC, tablets, smartphones…), web sites and/or related materials. During translation attention is paid to context, space restrictions of control elements (ex. button and field sizes) a function elements (keyboard shortcuts). Internal consistency of the translation within the project or with other client’s products is essential.

Software testing – testing and checking of proper display and functioning of localized project. I offer this service both as a stand alone service and in combination with localization. For large projects cooperation with tester team may be necessary.

Scientific articles and papers editing (Both Czech and English) – beacuse writing and translation of scientific papers and articles is very specific, I am offering this service separately. Inludes consultation of structure of a scientific article, language means and terminology. I am the only provider of this service on Czech market.

Editing – includes review of translated texts with regards to spelling, style, terminology and typography. Output text is compared to original text, accuracy of translation is checked.

Proofreading – includes review of translated texts with regards to spelling, style, terminology and typography. Output text is not compared to original, accuracy of translation is not reviewed.

Transcreation/Copywriting – in some cases (typically advertisings and slogans) appropriate translation is not possble so a new text (slogan) with the same meaning has to be designed. Services includes design of a new slogan and its literal back-translation.

DTP – I offer basic DTP services only as a part of final adaptation of output documents (např formát InDesign)

Interpreting – I offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Please contact me sufficiently in advance.

Subtitles, voiceover, transcription – I offer also these services, but they are highly specific and their scope is specified on a case by case basis.